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The towers of Kar El

Coming soon!!!

Pigi Rimica – An illustrated fantasy history – This is the first episode of the Kar El trilogy on the old town of Cagliari and its towers.
Let the book introduce itself… yes, because it can speak:
“My dear young friends, I’ll tell you the story of Kar El, the Queen of Sardinia, the City of God, and his towers severely standing out against the sky.
I’ll tell you the adventures of brave heroes, willing to fight for freedom.
You’ll see fire-red birds and the salt mountains of Molentargius. You’ll meet warrior angels and wicked demons.
I’ll introduce you to Alina, the bewitched-haired girl, and her friend Alban, who came from France, from the lovely city of Paris”.
“Are you ready to sail? So, spread these white sails and let’s leave”